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How to Spread the Word About Your Crowdfunding Campaign | Share and Raise

How to Spread the Word About Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Secrets of funding your campaign with help from colleagues, peers, family, friends and even perfect strangers through a crowdfunding campaign.

Below are some free and paid resources to help you succeed your campaign!


Crowdfunding is not a “post it and forget it proposition.” Running a successful campaign requires a major time commitment in advance of, during and post campaign. It also requires that you be fearless in getting out and spreading the word about your venture.


Some crowdfunding creators boast that they’ll “shout from the rooftops” about their campaign and promote their fundraising efforts far and wide, but later, when asked how many friends and family members they went to for support, their response is, “Oh, I don’t feel comfortable approaching my own contacts.”


If that sounds like you, here are two important considerations to help you get over that discomfort. First, be honest about your passion and excitement for what you’re doing. Is it enough to drive you to tell everybody who’ll listen? If not, then why are you doing it at all?
It has to be a passion that will sustain you through the challenging times. Second, if you’re not going to get the buy-in from your own inner circle — the people who know you and most believe in you — why would you expect strangers to get behind your venture and give you money?

you’ll want to start your campaign with those who you know will support you. Then, as you gain momentum, you can begin to send the project link to others in your circle. It’s important that your campaign reflect some funding success before you start to reach outside your network.
Remember that you need to be actively promoting the campaign during its entire duration.


Get the ball rolling by making the first donation to your fundraiser, your friends‬, family and associates will follow your lead. Be mindful of how much you give as well. If you want people to donate $100, don’t donate less as you are setting the bar for others to follow.


Target online communities and make regular comments‬: Each place you visit online‬ that allows you to comment you should leave a trail, continuously posting the link to your project page.

Use social media‬: To have the greatest chance of success, start using this a month before your project‬ is uploaded onto Share and Raise. This way, people are aware and eager to be involved, when you do release the project officially.

Rewards are awesome and offering them is a no-brainer. Try giving rewards‬, for even the smallest of donations. Here are a few ideas:

Behind-the-scenes photos‬ or videos

Autographed materials, photos, t-shirts, mugs, downloads, card and other souvenirs


Persistence and patience go hand-in-hand when it comes to successful funding‬. Running a campaign for more than 120 days will take you off the radar. Generally, 60-70 days are enough to spread the word about your creative project and convince people to contribute. You can then spend the next 20 days acknowledging donors by giving them perks, freebies as a token of appreciation and keep them updated on project’s progress.


Don’t get discouraged when your campaign hits a lull. It’s common for a lot of backer support to show up in the later phase of the campaign. Those who may not have stepped up in the beginning may now be inspired to help you cross the finish line when discovering you are closer to your goal. You may just have backers who require five or six reminders before they can pause long enough to donate. Projects that reach at least 50 percent of their funding goal during their campaign have a 95 percent chance of reaching that goal in the end, so keep pushing!


Somethings you have to do.

  • Reach out to high-profile Twitter users or leaders in your field. See if you can get them to mention your product or campaign to their followers and fans.
  • Update all your social media profiles (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to include a link to your campaign.
  • Add your campaign link to your email signature.
  • Embed a campaign widget/banner on your blog or website.
  • Add your campaign link to your email video.

Free and paid resources to succeed.

  1. Free project listing on CrowdsUnite
  2. Free promotion to 350,000+ crowdfunding enthusiasts Click here
  3. Pinterest is a much overlooked social media site to promote a crowdfunding campaign. The key with Pinterest is to start or join an existing board related to your category.
  4. Look in your Share and Raise account and get the free sources to promote (click the name of your campaign and look into the tabs login now! See example HERE