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Campaign – Help Draco Angeli Raise Fund To Pay Her Hospital Bills And That Of Her Schpuddle | Share and Raise

Campaign – Help Draco Angeli Raise Fund To Pay Her Hospital Bills And That Of Her Schpuddle

Fund To Pay Her Hospital Bills And That Of Her Schpuddle

Many times, the only way to improve our lives is to force ourselves to endure difficult situations. That might mean losing a loved one to death, chronic health conditions, poverty or anything else that’s holding us back from having total joy and happiness in our lives. Of course, dealing with uninvited situations is part of life but some of them are just so much more unbearable than others. Frankly speaking, it’s hard to find words at the moment. If you know me, you also know how much it bothers me to ask for help, but the current circumstances in my life made me understand that I need to be humble enough to accept that I can’t deal with this alone. My name is Draconis and I live in Boston, Massachusetts. It is with a heavy heart I am writing to humbly beg whoever reading this at the moment to donate in order to help me and my 9 year old Maine Coon cat get out of our sad situation. My beloved Schpuddle was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Failure on 16th September 2015 when I took him into the vet to find out why he had gotten so thin and smelled so bad. Turned out he needed to have 7 teeth removed that were badly decayed and that, when the vet got his blood work back, he was surprised Schpuddle was even still standing let alone trying to jump off the vet’s table because his numbers were so bad he was surprised he wasn’t dead! His creatinine, phosphorus and BUN were through the roof and 90% of his kidney function was gone. I was devastated as you can imagine! I have had him since he was a 3 month old kitten and he has been through the trials of my own health issues and many surgeries, including my own diagnosis with heart failure in 2012 and subsequent surgery, CFS, fybromyalgia, Sjogrens Syndrome that had destroyed my own teeth, osteoarthritis, chronic migraines, depression, ptsd, eating disorders, constant pain, anxiety, insomnia, asthma, allergies and food intolerances, hormone imbalance and severe chronic dry eye that left me almost unable to see. After his surgery and crash he had to spend a week in the hospital on an IV and antibiotics to rebuild all the fluids he’d lost and help fight the infection in his mouth as well as be put on special kidney disease food and I ended up with a bill of over $2,000. I had nowhere near that money as I have no income so had to borrow it from a friend, along with the money needed for his checkups since, his special food, the bags of sub-q fluids, iv lines and needles, which I have to administer to him every night, aluminum hydroxide and renal vitamin B supplement he has to take every day to keep his phosphorus level down and anaemia under control and stop the nausea taking over so that he will continue to eat. He won’t eat the kidney food which is basically odourless slop so I’ve had to try to find something he will eat which had meant having to borrow more money buying food, a lot of which has ended up wasted and special supplements to try to help detox him and build him up along with finding the cheapest supplier of fluids etc. The little guy is so brave, letting me stick a needle into his scruff every night and fill him with fluid but on the days when he just won’t eat my heart breaks. I don’t know how many days I have left with him but I want as many as I can get, years preferably. He’s a fighter like me and had survived odds that have killed others. I need help to pay back the money I borrowed and to be able to pay for his next lot of tests and meds and those in the future and, when that dreaded time comes, to be able to afford to have the vet come to my house to put him to sleep here, in my arms in his own home, and for me to be able to get him cremated and to keep his ashes in a special way so he’ll always be close to my heart. The thought of life without him is unbearable and to have him taken from me at such a young age has dropped me further into the depths of depression. That’s how I got here: a fundraiser website. I am hoping that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world for me. I alone cannot change the situation, but can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. I am pleading to individuals, parents, firms, companies, or whoever reading this post to show me love and donate in order to help me. I created this post here because it is one of my many attempts to get money enough to pay my bills and pay back the money I borrowed. Every donation is appreciated. Whether is a dollar or kind words; whether is a prayer or simply act of sharing this post to maybe reach someone who has better financial conditions and is willing to help. As you donate to my campaign may God bless you. Thank you from Schpuddle and I Draconis