Our aim is to help the people that really need help, help these people getting through tough times, if you think you are lost and don’t know what to do anymore, you not alone, we are here to help!


We believe that something small can turn into something big, even the smallest help (like donation or spreading the word around) to these people is help and will bring a smile on their faces because even after trying all and nothing works we still here to help because everyone needs sometimes a break.


We’re really passionate to help people reach their goal, This can be to raise for the surgery of your pet, medical expenses, honeymoon that you never had, to repair your house after a hurricane destroyed it, anything is possible.


Even the fundraisers that are not going as well as expected we will try to help them out by advertise their fundraiser in newspapers, flyers, if we have to, on billboards!


Our Team

With our small but powerful team we launched Share and Raise (ShareandRaise.com) in September 2014.

We located in Chonburi, Thailand.

Fa is the CEO of Sharing and Raising Co. ,LTD. and Frank is the Founder of ShareandRaise.com.


Don’t forget to leave a message for them with your testimonial, they love to hear what you think! (want to be original make it a video!) and have a change to be added to our reviews page.