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How to make your fundraiser?

To create a fundraiser page with us, it's very easy, everyone can do it!
Follow the 3 steps or you can watch the short explainer video below. If you need any help,

do not hesitate to contact us or read our help section.

how it works

Presentation & Explainer Video

Watch the presentation video (1 minute 34 seconds).

Watch the explainer video (1 minute 35 seconds) It covers important points to get you going.

Presentation video
Explainer video

For what can i make a fundraiser?

You can make a fundraiser for about anything you wish to fund raise for.
Have a look at the different categories, Personal, Sports, Nonprofits, Film, Music, Charity, and much more.

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Important Information!

Donations are automatically sent to you. You do not have to request funds, only thing you have to do is follow our steps to create and promote your FREE fundraiser page. Read our manual here and get some marketing ideas here.


How to contribute

Want to make a contribution, follow the below instructions, it's very easy to do it!
We do not charge anything for contributions.

You do not have to register to contribute to a project, but we do think it is better if you register with us to receive updates about the project you support.

1. Find a project to contribute to, if a friend or family member is trying to raise funds for a cause you can support them.

point 1 - Donate to a cause

2. When you found a project to contribute to and made the contribution, the project creator will receive a message of your contribution, now look in your mailbox because many project creators send you a personal thank you note or give you rewards.

point 2 - Share it everywhere on social media

3. Now if you wish you can support this project a little bit more, you able to do so by sharing it to your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media that is available. This will help the project creator to reach it's goal and you can show your friends and family what a great person you are. After this take the time to enjoy your reward if you got any!

point 3 - Donate now