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Ideas To Market Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Use these tips to prepare and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign of your own!

1) Put Your Campaign Link IN the Campaign Video
Before you start a campaign, you should realize that your video will be embedded all over the web (make sure video settings are set to embedding), in places you not even know, that means video views outside of your campaign page. We recommend you put your campaign link IN the video, many people that see the video on various blogs and other places will know how to contribute to your campaign.

2) Create an Update Calendar BEFORE You Launch Your Campaign
Crowdfunding campaign updates are delivered via email to all of your backers/donators. It is important to send regular updates to keep your donators involved throughout your entire campaign, They can advertise your campaign as well and they can donate again! 5 tips

Some ideas you can make an update about

- Reaching xx% of funding goal
- Getting 50 project backers
- Adding new rewards

Updates can be in the form of videos, images or text. We recommend to use a bit of all. Ask backers/donators to comment on your campaign. This way they stay connected to the campaign.

3) Adding New or Extra Perks/Rewards
Perks = Rewards offered in exchange for contributions, Recommend to start with a few perks/rewards (You able to add unlimited Perks/Rewards) Then you could add a new reward each week - which is worthy of a campaign update.

When a campaign start a few people will support you with a small amount, just to help you. When you getting closer to your goal making a new perk with a 'baseball cap' or any other kind of item will maybe convince people to donate a bit more.

4) Communicate
A crowdfunding campaign will require support from your friends, family, and people you don't know. Communication with these people is very important, you can ask them to join you or ask them to share your campaign on blogs, websites, facebook, etc.

5) Offline Promoting
Don't get stuck at your computer all day. Do some campaign marketing by attending local events and meeting people in person!

6) Fundraising Help
If you do not have the time to promote your campaign and you need some help with it, get a professional have a look here

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