Manual | Share and Raise

1st,2nd,3th place How to make sure to successfully raise money with Share & Raise!

This short manual is designed to help you make the best fundraiser project you could imagine. The better your fundraiser is the more you raise. If you want to be visible on Share and Raise, raise at least $10, remember if your fundraiser has a deadline you can always start a new fundraiser if you did not reach your goal.

Goal Amount Needed
First you need a goal amount, this should be a reasonable goal amount, calculate what you really need, you can not change your goal after your fundraiser is activated, but even if you reach your goal you can collect more money. If you need to raise money for concert tickets you maybe just want to raise $200 but if you need to raise funds for medical expenses this can be a lot higher amount for example $40,000.

Adding A Catching Title
Very important to have a simple but catching title, that makes people curious and the willing to know more about it. A title that goes straight to the point will do very well, for example: Bed sheets for poor children, new roof after disaster.

Images & Videos
Images should be eye catching, it's the first people see when they come on your fundraiser page! We do recommend to make a video, it's more effective and will raise you more money. Image and video should be of the highest quality, videos should not be too long but should be very informative, keep in mind people like to know who is behind the fundraiser and what you going to do with the money you raise.

Choose a Category
Make sure you select the correct category or people are not able to find you, if you not sure browse the category and look at other fundraisers.

Now people clicked on your fundraiser, saw your awesome picture or video and now they want to know the details make sure you tell them all so they understand and don't get confused
1. Tell them about yourself. Donators like to know who they are donating to.
2. Talk about your fundraiser, tell them why you raise money.
3. Explain the rewards you offer when they make a donation to your fundraiser. (This only if you offer rewards).
4. Tell them what will happen if the fundraiser is successful.
5. Ask people to donate, if they can't ask them to share it with their friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media website.

You can give people rewards, this can be physical or virtual, some people donate and are not interested in rewards, but some people just need a little extra push to make a donation to your fundraiser. Rewards, can be anything, from a 'Thank You' note to a postcard or cd. You able to make several rewards levels if you please. Make sure before you offer rewards like cds, videos, etc. the costs are not too high, because you have to pay the rewards. Fulfill the rewards!

Time To Share It....EVERYWHERE!
You have done all the hard work setting it up now it is time to share it with your friends and family on any place you can think of, we made it easy for you because it's included in our steps to share it easy with your friends and family, you should do this at least once a week, you can ask your friends to share it as well with their friends and family, make sure not to spam!

Every fundraiser needs updates, updates on how it is going, about the rewards, about your goal, what you doing with the funds. Make updates with pictures, videos. People donated (and they may be going to donate again) they interested in what is going on!

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