Our Story...

Yes, we also have a story to tell. It's why we set up this website in the first place,

2013-14 was a tumultuous time for us. We lost our job and so were left without an income. Our savings was dwindling and after futile attempts to find a job, we knew we had to do something.

Initially, we thought of doing a fundraiser for ourselves. However, we thought it was better to make an entire fundraiser website that is able to provide the option for other individuals to make a fundraiser as well. So, with a lot of faith and hope, we used the last money we had and bought a website.

People who have never faced adversity do not know how you feel- The tension, nervousness, sadness and desperation. We have been there and understand how you feel. Some people are not as fortunate and are struck with one bad situation after another with nowhere and no one to turn to. We consider our website as a lighthouse of hope for those who feel lost, helpless and feel like giving up.

Consider doing a fundraiser for any cause you believe in. In this way you are not only helping us, you are helping the cause. You will also feel better in the process knowing that you are helping a bunch of people all at the same time. This is a win-win situation. You have NOTHING to lose!

Losing Our Place
We are a happily married young couple with 5 cats and a 12 years old daughter. Currently, we are faced with the crisis of losing our home. Our house is slated to be auctioned in the coming months. If we do not come up with $30,000 by then to make a bid on it, we could lose our investment and all the memories we made in the house.

Frank (Idea, founder, design website) comes from Europe. There are very strict laws in Asia to get his visa every year again. He is under 50 years old, it's very difficult to get or have a visa for a long stay under this age). The situation for us is very difficult because if he does not get his visa, he cannot stay. He does not have any place to go back to, because he left it all behind.

If we are able to collect this amount for the house, many problems will be solved. Maybe now you can understand why we created the website. A situation like this is terrible and difficult to handle or sometimes even impossible to handle. The same is true for any other situation where people just need financial help to have the problem resolved.

We have a very hard time but still Frank remains very positive and makes me laugh despite the circumstances. We want to provide a stable environment for our child and continue to build a happy family. We can achieve this with your help. So, are you ready to make a fundraiser, and help a big bunch of people?