Pricing | Share and Raise


Here is a summary of how much it cost.

1. It's free to signup, create/start your fundraiser and to make a donation to a project.
2. We only charge a low 5% fee on funds raised. (To cover the cost of the website, staff payments, developments), This fee is automatically deducted from your funds raised and sent to us when you receive a donation. There is no need to do anything on your part. We charge only on funds raised, we do NOT charge donors.
3. The payment service provider charges a small fee, the standard is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Below is a table of the fees.


  No Deadline Deadline
You reach your goal 5% 5%
You don't reach your goal 5% - you keep the money you already


5% - you keep the money you already


Other Fees 3-5% for credit card or PayPal processing. Check their fees here

5% fee only!

What features do i have?
A few of the most important features are listed below.

Arrow Blue You may create unlimited number of fundraisers.
Arrow Blue Fund raising status bar on every project.
Arrow Blue Add pictures, videos, links and more to your project.
Arrow Blue Review & comment posting facilities on each project.
Arrow Blue Offer Rewards/Perks to donators.
Arrow Blue Full fund raising statistical report with graph on each project.
Arrow Blue Project widgets ready to place on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networks.
Arrow Blue Each fundraising page contains sharing buttons for Facebook and Twitter + more.
Arrow Blue Each fundraising page tracks Facebook and Twitter shares.
Arrow Blue Users that following a donation, are prompted to share your fundraising page on the social networks.
Arrow Blue Accept donations by credit and debit card or through Paypal.
Arrow Blue And you have a lot more features...