Why Us? | Share and Raise

Why Share and Raise?

We're really passionate to help people reach their goal, we believe that something small can turn into something big. We think that a website should be easy to navigate that the process of making a fundraiser should be as easy and fast as possible, that's why we are trying to make the browsing of our website as pleasant as possible for you.

We are not like other sites, whereas if you don't reach your funding goal you will earn nothing, ShareandRaise.com gives you the option of keeping all the money that you raised, besides that we advertise a lot online for to make sure that we attract enough donators for everyone.

For us support requests are very important, NO waiting times of 24/48/72 hours, we try to respond in less than 1 hour.We Care About Your Success

Some very good reasons to make a fund raiser with us:
Language Capabilities,
Technical Capabilities,

We are ready to help and support you, are you ready to make your fundraiser with us?